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Delicious, Easy and Simple Chicken Curry Recipes

What is it with the divine combination of chicken with indian and other exotic spices that makes a chicken curry such a delicious meal? To any exotic food lover, these simple chicken curry recipes offer a wide selection of new aromas that will delight his taste buds with interesting spice mixes and unusual flavors... and as you are about to discover, there is a whole universe of these delicious indian and southeast-asian recipes; this is the goal of this site, to bring you the important free chicken curry recipes...

Chicken curry recipes are starting to be well recognized around the world, but they have been enjoyed for hundreds of years in India.  Since its origins in India, chicken curry recipes have spread in southeast Asia, they reached Japan with a lot of success... these recipes are now landing in your house, and with the help of this website, and quickly you will learn how to make curry chicken. There are many chicken curry recipes with exotic sounding names such as "chicken ularthiyathu", or even "kuzhambu chicken" but the main feature of these recipes is that they are actually very easy to execute; you will find that most recipes are simple and easy.

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Where did curry come from, actually?

A plate of chicken curry

What we refer to as a curry (or kari) isn't just one simple spice from one vegetable; rather curry is a blend of ground spices; usually turmeric, cumin and coriander, resulting in a curry paste. In India, home of the dishes we call curries, these chicken curry recipes aren't labeled as "curries". To indians themselves these dishes are simply called chicken recipes; using a curry spice mix is simply seen as the best way to prepare chicken.

To english speakers, the term curry is now used to refer to any dish the curry spice blend is used in; e.g. a beef curry or a chicken curry. Naturally, curry is widely used in Indian cooking, and it can be found as a powder or a paste. Depending on its composition, curry can be made from mild tasting to very strong (spicy), but it is usually what gives the food its strong typical aroma. Do not confuse the preparation of spices with curry leaf or kariveppilai that comes from Murraya koenigii; although it may actually be used in the composition of some curry blends, but it isn't always the case; many curry spice blends do not necessarily include the curry leaf!

It has become customary in the Western world and in the Creole culture, to name this spice mix as curry. This name was used by British settlers during the colonial period to describe all Indian dishes served in a sauce. This word actually comes from the Tamil word kari, which means "stew". In fact, the term isn't even used frequently in India where they use different names depending on the region, including northern India where they call this garam masala, which means mixture. The simple curry word is of Tamil origin but was borrowed very early on along with the spice mix by the Creole habitants of the Bourbon Island (the former name of the Reunion Island) and Mauritius before any mass population influx from India, and it applies the current Creole cuisine traditional dish from Reunion and Mauritius. To them, a curry is a dish obtained by cooking rice, grains (that is to say, beans or peas, or lentils, ...) with a meat or fish in spicy sauce. For example, the curry is smoked bacon, zourite octopus curry, goat masala all the way the goat meat, or beef curry ...

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