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Massaman Curry Recipe

This Thai curry was originally created by the Thai Muslim minority; it is traditionally made with beef but can also be made with chicken; this thai curry is seen as a mix between the traditional indian curries and the thai. It is a rich and delicious dish easy to prepare, one of the four basic Thai curries. Here is a recipe for massaman curry that shows how to make it from scratch...

Ingredients (for four guests):

* 6 chicken thighs, cut in bite-size pieces (or equivalent chicken breasts)
* 1 onion,
* 4 potatoes,
* rice,
* unsalted cashews,
* bean sprouts,
* 1 small can coconut milk

Making the Massaman paste:
* 6 large dried chili peppers,
* 3 cardamom pods,
* 2 teaspoons cumin,
* 1 tablespoon coriander seeds,
* 5 cloves,
* 1 short cinnamon stick,
* 1 teaspoon grated nutmeg,
* 1 teaspoon salt,
* 4 tablespoons finely chopped lemongrass,
* 4 tablespoons chopped shallots,
* 4 cloves of garlic,
* 4 tablespoons crushed and roasted peanuts


1) Cut the peppers in halves, remove their seeds and veins. Soak the chilies for 20 minutes in hot water, then take them out of the water, saving this water for later.

2) Put cardamom, cumin, coriander seeds, cloves, the cinnamon stick in a pan and fry two minutes. Pour everything to a coffee grinder or spice mill and grind. Add the nutmeg and stir, also mix in salt, the lemongrass, shallot, garlic and roasted peanuts. Grind this massaman paste after each ingredient is added.

3) Peel the potatoes, cook them in boiling water about halfway done, drain, cool down then cut in cubes. Reserve.

4) Cut your onion in half rings, and sauté in a heavy bottomed pan with some peanut oil; add the chicken chunks, then your cubed potatoes.

5) After you have cooked these ingredients for one minute, pour the coconut milk in with the Massaman paste we did earlier, add the past gradually and taste to make sure you reach desired spiciness...

Simmer, covered for 45 minutes. Make sure the sauce does not reduce too much, if it does add some of the water we soaked the chilies in step 1.

Serve the curry massaman with rice and bean sprouts.