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Favorite Chicken Curry Recipes from the UK

An english curry recipe Tikka Masala

England's unequivocal love for curries now has centuries of documented history... Given the inherent deliciousness of curries it is no surprise that England and the UK have embraced curries in such a big way. Many chicken curry recipes were actually created in England, sometimes by migrants from India and sometimes by English cooks themselves!

We have collected here the most significant curry recipes to the British. On top of the list of course is the chicken Tikka Masala, a true classic. Many more chicken curry recipes have evolved in England to the point of becoming new recipes with their own distinct personality...

British Chicken Curry recipes:

Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

The Bhuna Masala Recipe

Recipe for Coronation Chicken

Recipe for the Butter Chicken

The Chicken Balti Recipe

Chicken Soup Mulligatawny Curry

The infamous Phall Curry

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