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Chicken Curry Recipes from India

Curry recipe from India, Madras style

Curry recipes are said to have been created in India and central Asia then from there, regional curries were adapted to each tastes in south-east Asia. Kari, or curry has flourished there for centuries until the British landed on Indian shores and were so impressed by the spicy dish that they brought home both the curry recipes and spices to make them, to England from where it spread to all countries of the British Empire... To this day, Curries are still extremely popular In England; Tikka Masala is considered a national English dish!

I had started this site not knowing there would be such a large amount of curry recipes; it is truly an intense and delicious culinary adventure, as I try them one by one! The list of recipes was getting too long for the main page so I had no choice but to start regrouping curry types, for a more convenient experience to people looking for a simple chicken curry recipe.

Murgh Aur Aloo Chicken Curry with Potatoes
Chicken Curries from India:

Recipe for apricot chicken curry

Recipe for chicken vindaloo

Chicken Curry, Madras style

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Kuzhambu Chicken

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Indian Chicken Korma

Green Chicken Korma

Kandhari Chicken or Murgh Kandhari curry

Recipe for Chicken Curry with Spinach

The Mango Chicken Curry (kasha aam kairi)

Tamarind curry recipe (Vatta kolambhu)

The almond chicken curry (Murgh Badami)

Recipe for Pistachio chicken curry (Pistewala Murgh)

Chicken curry with potatoes (Murghi aur aloo)

The Dhansak Chicken Curry from Bombay

The Awadhi Murgh Musallam

Chicken Bhuna Curry (Bhuna Murgh)

Murgh korma shahi kofta

Chicken with coriander (Dhania Murgh)

White Korma Chicken Curry (Safed Murgh Korma)

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