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Thai Chicken Curry Recipes

A plate of red Thai Curry

Thai cuisine has its own distinct personality, and as such Thai curries have some very different flavours in store for us... the main Thai curry pastes are the following: Yellow paste, Green paste, Red paste, Massaman curry and Panang. Generally Thai curries tend to be much hotter than the indian ones, the contribution of the fish sauce (such as the Vietnamese Nuoc Mam sauce) and the use of their vegetables in their curries help create unique flavours. That being said, there are a surprising number of recipes from Thailand for curries and our journey to explore the chicken curries just wouldn't be complete without them...

When cooking Thai curries you will be introduced to new ingredients and vegetables such as the Thai Basil, the Thai eggplant, the bok choy, jasmine rice and such... In order to recreate that expected Thai taste it is important to find these ingredients; they aren't really that hard to find but you will have to pay a visit to your closest Asian supermaket.

Chicken Curries from Thailand:

The Massaman Curry recipe

Thai green curry chicken recipe

Thai yellow curry chicken recipe

Red Thai chicken curry recipe

Thai Panang curry recipe

Chicken Kai Kang curry recipe

Khao Soy curry with fried crispy noodles

Curried Chicken Thai Soup

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